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            Twin Otter 300

            Our Fleet

            The 300 Series Twin Otter is a versatile passenger/cargo aircraft. The Twin Otter can seat up to 14 passengers comfortably and features a spacious cabin with generous cargo space. With high wings and a large cargo door, this aircraft is ideal for moving passengers and cargo into and out of remote locations. All flights feature complimentary snacks, coffee, soft drinks, donuts and bar service. Special catering is available upon request.

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             up to 14  185 mph (275 km/h)


            • Twin-Turboprop
            • Pavement and gravel runway capabilities
            • Other off-strip capabilities


            • Cruising speed: 185 mph (275 km/h)
            • Cruising altitude: 15000 f
            • Range 1450 km


            • up to 14 passenger seat
            • Cargo configuration available

            *The specs are those of the manufacturer and vary based on the load and weather conditions.

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